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Waste Less wants to bring a more customized shopping experience to YOU ALL!

We have given you the option to decide between a custom sized item of clothing, or a pre-sized item! If you are wanting a custom sized item specific to your body measurements, measuring guidelines are pictures below:) 

Every body has a different body type, and we are wanting you to shop with confidence knowing that every custom sized item you purchase is specially made to fit your body.

women's obermeyer.png

Pictured above are the five measurements you will need to measure and write down:

1. Chest - 123"

2. Waist - 123"

3. Hips - 123"

4. Sleeve- 123"

5. Inseam - 123"

At checkout, list the body part you are measuring, and the inch measurement like above.

size chart.jpg

For basic sizes,

refer to this size chart.

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